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War will has always existed inside of human nature, and will always do.
When we mention the word “war” the first things that come to mind are dead, sorrow, power and destruction, and itis indeed, but one thing that we do not think about is that we still have many conflicts right now that are still killing thousands and thousands of men, women and children every day, and that wedon´t take them seriously because of their frequency. Because we deal with them day by day. This is the case of palestin-israeli conflict that has caused the dead of millions of people and that its mainreason is the misunderstanding that we as human beings have as a part of our own nature of wanting to be always right, no matter what or who.
“MUNICH” is a movie that truly shows the way of acting orbeing of people in conflict, in which revenge is the only alternative to get what one wants.
In my personal opinion, we as human beings, with the gift of thinking and communicating, should not besuffering from this illness of destruction because we can solve our problems in other ways that are not precisely violence.
If we really acted as thinking beings we should be able to leave all thisproblems behind and come up with a reasonable solution for both parts and be in peace with ourselves, and the way of doing this is as simple as getting in the other’s shoes to get a completely differentperspective from what we thing is best.


What happens when the government that is supposed to look after us and ensure the good for our country ends up messing everything up andjustifying its actions with a stupid excuse without any base to support it?
That’s exactly what “Fahrenheit 9/11” proposes in this documentary aimed to criticize a government that was based onpersonal interests and the good for only a few.
If give us the opportunity to expand our vision, like it or not, and be opened to other ways of seeing things we will be able to enrich our criteria to...
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