My Best Friend

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My friend...
My friend I dedicate these words of affection,
Because without it I would not be the person I am.
My friend will appreciate the joys of my life,
Because she is thegreat joy that came to me.

My friends never leave you alone,
Because she was with me in my most difficult moments.

To my soul mate I owe her advice,
because she is the light ofmy long journey.

My friend was grateful for this great friendship,
because it is very valuable in my life and
because it is the big sister I always wanted to have.

My friend Iowe the great support he has given me,
because she is always to listen,
because she always encouraged me and helped me to vent.

My friend thank you for all your understanding,because she encourages me and gives me the power to go out on.

My friend was grateful moments of attention,
because she listens to me without asking and never giving back.

Myfriend will thank you for all your words of encouragement,
because she can not do enough for me, because I want to see suffer.

My friend I give my life,
because she is like an angelwho always takes care of me and protects me.

My friend I offer my sincere, my support, my love and all,
because when I need her, she is always there with me.

My friend and I thankGod for all you have given me,
because they are very precious in my life.

My friend love her too,
because she is the great support I need
forward to go out with great triumphs.For my friend give up my own life,
because she is the angel who will always be there
when you need their support and advice.

For it is that I write this poem,
to tell what itmeans in my life
and how valuable it is to have not only a great friend,
also as a big sister,
to which I thank the great moments of joy.

¡Thanks for being my best friend!
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