My new year

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New Year is holiday celebrated around the world. Every country has different a culture and customs when celebrating this day. I am from Ecuador and there we celebrateby burning Año Viejo, which literally means “Old Year”. By the last day of the year, just about every household has Año Viejo a doll (like a scarecrow) out of paper, pieces of wood, old clothes andfirecrackers. We draw a face on the doll or we put a mask, usually of a famous character such as a politician or someone we dislike, or cartoon character, or even someone in the family as an affectionatejoke. This doll is meant to signify the year that is going to pass. This day is usually spent with family members and at midnight, some combustible liquid is poured on the Año Viejo. The burningof Año Viejo signifies the passing of the old year, unhappy memories, old regrets, bad happenings, to welcome the New Year with hope.
My new year was awesome; I celebrated from 10:00 pm on the 31sttill 7:00 am on the 1st 2010. I was in my brother's restaurant with my family while my girlfriend was working in a restaurant, My girlfriend and I agreed to meet at her in the parking lot before12:00 am. I remembered I went 20 minutes before 12:00, and bringing a bottle of Champagne to do a toast with her. That day was snowing and I was running late, on a curve my car when against some bushes ofa house and I got stuck for 10 minutes. Somehow, I made it and my girlfriend and I celebrated the New Year together, after ten minutes past twelve she had to return to work. Then I waited thirtyminutes until she get out. I return with her to my brother’s restaurant. There the party ended at 2:00 am, there were fights at the end so we went to another party that we were invited along with some ofmy family.
On the second party we were dancing to different style of music from Latin music to rock and roll and jazz. The beer was cheap in this party it was 3.00 dollars and also a shot of...
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