My sister keeper

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In this drama. Brian he works in the fair department he is a firemen. As a father he was a very responsibility, Sara was a Bryan´swife, she used to be greatest the mother adored witch to have, Kelly was Sara´s sister she lived with the family in order to helpSara. Jessie and Anna were Kate’s siblings. They work studying at college. Kate´s was Sara and Bryan oldest daughter. She was very sickmost of the time she is tired because the leukemia.
Kate´s situation.
She was just the cute little girl she was taking medicalshipments doctors drew some blood and ran few test. The trainmen last 11 year and any over realties did not match that was why decidedtook a decisions. Ana was a designer baby in order to match Kate´s. Ana she wanted to be just normal life she sick of it. She did notwant to be donned any more. Mrs. Alexander fought the case. At the hospital, Kate met Taylor and passionate. They got a long eachother they had a wants they went hour to a restaurant. They ate French fries, and drink sodas. They go once had a looked like aprincess in a silk gown. Her family was proud of her so Taylor was tied. Kate’s is very sad she don’t understand tied Taylor…!! Last dayKate’s wants go to the beach with the family… Bryan say doctor Kate’s wants to the beach his tell no good idea because she isn’t well.
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