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Ética y Responsabilidad Social de los Negocios

Principios de Ética y su aplicación en las empresas
Mtro. Marcos Eduardo Villa Corrales
Director de Integración Comunitaria
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Preguntas de textos/videos del video del Texto deManuel G. Velasquez, Ética en los negocios

1. Case: Enron’s Fall
Ética y negocios
What are the systemic, corporate, and individual issues raised by th is case?
If the value of Enron's stock had not fallen, the special purpose entities perhaps could have
continued to operate indefinitely. Suppose that Enron's stock did not fall, and suppose that its
accounting adhered to the letter, if notthe spirit, of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting
Principles) rules (suppose, that is, Enron's accounting practices were allowed by generally
accepted accounting rules). In that case, in your view, was there anything wrong with what
Enron did? Explain.
Who, in your judgment, was morally responsible for the collapse of Enron?

2. Case: Unocal in Burma
Principios éticos en los negocios
Assesswhether from a utilitarian, rights, justice, and caring perspective, Unocal did the right
thing in deciding to invest in the pipeline and then in conducting the project as it did. In your
view, an using your utilitarian, rights, justice, and caring assessments, did Unocal do the right
thing? Assume there is no way to change the outcome of this case and that the outcome was
foreseen, wasUnocal then justified in deciding to invest in the pipeline?
In your view, is Unocal morally responsible for the injuries inflicted on some of the Karen
people? Explain.
Do you agree or disagree with Unocal's view that "engagement" rather than "isolation" is "the
proper course to achieve social and political change in developing countries with repressive
governments." Explain.

Marcos EduardoVilla Corrales - DIC



3. Case: GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and AIDS in Africa
El sistema de negocios: Gobierno, mercados y el comercio internacional
Explain, in light of their theories, what Locke, Smith, Ricardo, and Marx would probably say
about the events in this case.
Explain which view of property—Locke's orMarx's— lies behind the positions of the drug
companies GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol-Myers Squibb and of the Indian companies such as
Cipla. Which of the two groups—GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol-Myers Squibb on the one hand,
and the Indian companies on the other—do you think holds the correct view of property in
this case? Explain your answer.
Evaluate the position of Cipla and of GlaxoSmithKline interms of utilitarianism, rights, justice,
and caring. Which of these two positions do you think is correct from an ethical point of view?

4. Case: Playing Monopoly: Microsoft
Ética en el Mercado
Identify the behaviors that you think are ethically questionable in the history of Microsoft.
Evaluate the ethics of these behaviors.
What characteristics of the marketplace for operating systemsdo you think created the
monopoly market that Microsoft's operating system enjoyed? Evaluate this market in terms of
utilitarianism, rights, and justice (your analysis should make use of the textbook's discussion of
the effects of monopoly markets on the utility of participants in the market, on the moral
rights of participants in the market, and on the distribution of benefits and burdensamong
participants in the market), giving explicit examples from the operating systems industry to
illustrate your points.
In your view, should the government have sued Microsoft for violation of the antitrust laws? in
your view, was Judge Jackson's order that Microsoft be broken into two companies fair to
Microsoft? Was Judge Kollar-Kotelly's November 1, 2003 decision fair? Was the April 2004...
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