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1. Where is the balance between a positive nationalism and a negative one?
The negative face turns away from global responsibilities. The positive oneembraces domestic ones.
A positive nationalism is more likely to be tolerant and open toward the rest of the world because its people have learned the habits of goodcitizenship and social justice.
The balance between the positive and negative nationalism is located where the person doesn´t break the respect to the people around him
*2. Can*nationalism survive or has it outlived its usefulness?
Now a day the nationalism survives only in some countries, in the past the nationalism was stronger and in some casesbrought wars and conflict (I, II world war) we are in a world globalized and for that reason the nationalism is varied, but the nationalism isn´t usefulness because It awakethe love for your country and for your people.
3. What would replace the sense of community symbolized by a nation or a nation/state?
The sense of community and thenationalism can be replaced in a nation, with the internal problems that oppress the state such as the drug smuggling, the crisis or the crimes, these problems produce the peoplethe feeling of not love his country, what’s is occurring in Mexico.
4. Can we really belong to a universal nation?
No because every nation has his own costumes, hiscultures and his own way of thinking, the universal nation can be reached if we consider every state around the world, we can live pacified in a globalized world respecting eachcountry.
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