Nativists vs immigrants

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Natives and Immigrants
Immigration has always been an important factor in the U.S. history . Through the 1800-1900 it created a significative reaction. Nativists were unsatisfied with the situationinvolving the massive amounts of immigration. Immigrants had a lot of reasons for coming to the American country. Nativists were alarmed by the increasing labor union riots and political corruptioncaused by immigrants that were going throught the americanization process.
Labor unions were conformed mostly by immigrant workers who wanted a better treatment. Because of the increase in the riotslead by labor unions, nativists were concerned. They blamed the immigrants for all the problems caused in the riots. Nativists feared other races would overwhelm them in their jobs.( Age of Steel ,magazine , 1886)
Political was increasing by the time of 1800-1900, majorly at elections. Immigrants, due to their naivness were the perfect target for corrupt politicians. An example of a politicalparty that employed these corrupt ways was the Tammany Hall political party. This corrupt people, would intimidate, commit frauds, purchase votes and looked for criminal support to gain votes.Immigrants were forced to be part of this “vote purchase” ( E.A. Ross, 1914 “ Immigrants in Politics”, Century Magazine)
When immigrants camed to America, they were bombarded with a totally new culture.Many of them had no idea of even how to speak English. That’s why americaniszation schools were created. They taught immigrants how to adapt to the americant culture. This schools promoted the idea thatif you didn’t “Americanize” you would succeed in America.(Americanizaton Schools Flier 1920, Record Publishing)
Many of this problems and situations enhanced the fight against nativists andimmigrants. Immigrants were totally blind against the American culture, they were completely alone. Nativists thought they should go back and leave them alone. Riots and political corruption caught the...
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