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Humanoid robot (ASIMO)

The first big humanoid that actually came to the society was the robot designed and manufactured by Honda from 1986 until today.

Other bipedal and humanoid robots alsohighlighted during this time, but "the robot ASIMO received the name" was the main reference. Above projects in the MIT or Carnegie Mellon University.
The year 1986:

In 1986, Honda engineers beganworking on the problem of walking, the question was what do you need a robot to walk dynamically?, To date many scientific papers have noted the difficulty of making walking robots, but very fewscientists dare to point out the answer to the question.
The first robotic ingenuity E0 HONDA was designed in 1986, at the time was an authentic prodigy who could move on two legs do not fall on numerousoccasions.

E versions:

Between 1987 and 1991 HONDA worked in the following versions of the robot: E1, E2, E3.
Between 1991and 1993 with new versions E4, E5 and E6 began to employ concepts such as the ZMP (Zero Moment Point), which today comprise the ABC of the biped robot.

During this time the project was kept under arelative secrecy, various institutions knew that Honda was working on humanoid robotics, but few could imagine the advances that scientists were reaching Nipponese.
P versions:

Between 1993 and1997 came P1, P2 and P3, humanoid machines with such authentic detail that the public began to marvel at the results. The bulkier model became the P2 weighed 210 kg and was 1.82 meters.

ASIMO, thecommercial vision:

When Honda came to these extremes, in which he saw clearly that controlled the basic humanoid robot (the ability to walk) analyzed its commercial possibilities, concluding that arobot that can crush his owner was not very commercial.
Then came ASIMO, a small robot of 1.20 cm in height and 43 kg of weight that could astound the world out on TV without risk to humans....
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