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A complete list of Spanish companies to participate in the Spain-Poland Investment and Business Cooperation Forum Warsaw, 15th & 16th of October 2007
ESP01 - AG AMBIENTAL, S.L. The Company AG Ambiental is an engineering company offering services related to soil and groundwater decontamination: consulting, investigation, remediation, response to environmental accidents,environmental risk analysis, due diligence, environmental supervision. With turnover of over 5 million EUR apart from Spain it is present also in Portugal and Peru. Local Partner Profile 1. Engineering companies or consulting companies dealing with contaminated soils that would like to increase their capacity and add a new product to their offer. 2. Constructors, Real Estate Developers,industrial companies, industrial zones that have problem with contaminated soil and would like to cooperate in specific projects. ESP02 - AIMEN The Company A technology centre (not for profit association) specialized in R&D projects in joining and welding, superficial treatment of materials, mechanical testing and metallographic, chemical and physical analysis, manufacturing processesfor application in industries such as automotive, aeronautics, shipbuilding and others. The company monitors the technological evolution, acquires and develops emerging technologies, promotes their implementation in the industry, and facilitates technology exchange among the companies. It has a turnover of over 5 million EUR, more than 100 researchers, a state-of-the-art technical equipment and alot of experience in realization of research for the European Framework Programmes. Local Partner Profile Possible partners for cooperation in technology transfer between Spain and Poland and for development of new R&D projects (possibly within the VII EFP) in the area of Joining Technology, including Laser Welding, Friction Stir Welding, Adhesives, Arc Welding, Brazing, Mechanical Joints, HybridProcesses, Non-Destructive-Testing, Heat Treatment of Materials (including cryogenic treatment), and Tribological Analysis. 1. Medium and large companies from automotive, shipbuilding, aeronautics industries. 2. Local R&D Institutes specialized in materials, joining technology and manufacturing processes. ESP03 - AISLAMIENTOS TÉRMICOS DE GALICIA, S.A. (Aister) The CompanyAister is a company specialized in manufacturing and installation of aluminium floating pontoons to berth pleasure and fishing boats in recreational ports (marinas). It has a turnover of over 10 million EUR and exports its products to many countries in Europe and Africa Local Partner Profile 1. Possible partners for setting-up a construction/fabrication plant for aluminium floating pontoons andoffering them to customers: construction companies, marine works, marinas constructors. 2. Port authorities and consultants specialized in the marina business in Poland, for cooperation.


ESP04 - ALCALAGRES, S.A The Company The company produces a variety of porcelain tiles for covering floor and walls. It specializes in tiles that emulate other materials (i.e. wood,textile, steel, marble) and in systems that combine tiles with constructions/profiles for raised floors and ventilated walls, which is done in cooperation with architects and profile producers. It has developed start-to-finish technical solutions for architectural projects such as Ventilated Facades, Raised Access Floors or special floors for large surface areas. It has a turnover of over 20 millionEUR, more than 200 employees and exports its products to many countries in the world. Local Partner Profile Companies that would be suitable partners to promote, offer, fabricate and install complete systems for raised floors and ventilated walls, covered with tiles produced by the Spanish company. They should have good market access and contacts with large construction companies, architectural...
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