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Middle Ages 750’s -1400’s
I. European civilization in early middle ages, 750-1000
a. The world of the Caroligians
i. Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire
1.Expansion of the empire
2. Governing the empire
3. Emperor
ii. The Caroligian intellectual renewal
4. scriptoria
iii. Life in t he CaroligianWorld
5. Family and marriage
6. Christianity and sexuality
7. Diet
b. Disintegration of the Caroligian Empire
iv. Invasions of the 9th and 10thcentury
8. Vikings
c. The emerging world of Lords and Vassals
v. Vassalage
vi. Fief-holding
vii. The manorial system
II. The recovery and growth ofEuropean society in high middle ages
d. Land and people in high middle ages
viii. The new agriculture
9. Technological changes
a. carruca
10.The three-field system
ix. Life of the peasantry
x. The aristocracy of the high middle ages
11. Way of the warrior
12. Aristocratic women
e. The newworld of trade and cities
xi. The revival of trade
13. Commercial capitalism
xii. The growth of cities
14. Founding of new cities and townsb. bourgeois
15. City government
xiii. Life in the medieval city
xiv. Industry in the medieval cities
16. Guilds
f. The intellectual andartistic world of the high middle ages
xv. The rise of universities
17. Origin
18. Teachers and students in medieval university
xvi. The revival of theClassical antiquity
xvii. The revival of roman law
xviii. The development of scholasticism
xix. Literature in high middle ages
xx. The Romanesque architecture...
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