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Quadro Plex S4 Visualization System

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Introduction About This Guide Features Minimum System Requirements Unpacking Unpacking Equipment Hardware Installation and Connections Safety Instructions Before You Begin Optional Low Profile Bracket Installation Instructions Mounting the Quadro Plex System in a Rack Connecting to the Host System Installing the NVIDIA Interface CardConnecting the Quadro Plex System Connecting the Power Cord Driver Installation Linux Installation Verifying Linux Installation Windows Installation Windows 2003 Server 64-Bit Control Panel Set Up NVIDIA Control Panel Set Up Verifying Windows Installation References and Resources Getting Driver Updates Registration, Support and Warranty Registering Your Quadro Plex System Warranty and SupportCompliance and Certifications Regulatory Compliance Statement

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U.S. Federal Communications Commission Compliance Canada Compliance Australia and New Zealand Compliance Japan Compliance Korea Compliance Taiwan Compliance European Union Compliance Important Safety Information Symbols on Equipment GeneralPrecautions Precautions for Installation, Maintaining and Servicing Precautions for Power Connection Precautions for Communication Cable Precautions for Installing System Unit in Racks

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The NVIDIA Quadro® Plex S4 GPU visualization system contains more Quadro® graphics processing power in less space than has ever been achieved before,enabling interactive visualization of extremely large-scale data sets by multiple users with a minimal footprint. The Quadro Plex Model S4 is designed to serve high-quality interactive visualization of large models to multiple users. Its 6 GB frame buffer (1.5 GB per GPU) can process large textures with full-screen antialiasing while Shader Model 4.0 vertex and pixel programmability deliversultra-realistic effects for OpenGL and DirectX 10 applications. The server’s accelerated 3D texture performance provides greater interactivity for the visualization of large volumetric datasets often required in energy and scientific research.

It is important to register your Quadro Plex S4 in order to receive NVIDIA® Customer Care online and phone support. You can register your Quadro Plex S4at www.nvidia.com/register.

About This Guide
This installation guide provides instructions to connect the Quadro Plex S4 to an NVIDIA-tested host system1 in a rack-mount environment. For information on using the system with applications, refer to the NVIDIA web site at www.nvidia.com/quadroplex


For a list of NVIDIA-tested host systems visit www.nvidia.com/quadroplex.


QuadroPlex S4 Visualization System Installation Guide

Visual Computing System Features
Breakthrough Visual Compute Density Unmatched graphics compute per cubic centimeter provides highest visual compute density enabling breakthrough levels of capability and productivity for applications such as offl ine rendering, remote graphics serving, and embedded visual computing. Dedicated VisualComputing System Enables NVIDIA SLI™ multi-GPU capability on any NVIDIA Quadro Plex certified PCI Express platform. 1U Server Form Factor The new server contains more Quadro graphics processing power in less space than has ever been achieved before, enabling interactive visualization of extremely large-scale data sets by multiple users with a minimal footprint.

GPU Features
Cg High-Level GraphicsShader Language Cg—“C” for graphics—is a high-level, open-standard programming language for OpenGL that takes advantage of the power of programmable GPUs. NVIDIA Quadro® FX programmable graphics pipelines leverage high-level shading languages to enable the creation and integration of real-time photorealistic effects into 3D models, scenes, and designs. This represents a major leap forward in ease...
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