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PORTFOLIO OF EVIDENCES is a set of products of your daily work that can show what you have learned a long the semester, in it, you can develop andsave written works, power point presentations, scripts for oral presentations, reports of research projects etc. This process is called FORMATIVE EVALUATION and it will have the 60% of your grade, therewill be sixteen learning evidences and each one worths five points (eighty points), ten points corresponds to the laboratory practices and the rest (ten points) will be for the participation in class,giving a total of one hundred that is the equivalent to the 60%. And the other 40% corresponds to the SUMATIVE EVALUATION, which will be the exams (four).
RUBRIC is a tool used for knowing the leveland quality of an activity, on it; I’ll make a description of the elements, points or criteria with which I will evaluate the activities, in addition, the worth of them.
In this subject, ECOLOGY,there is a matrix of general competences that you must develop during the semester; it includes the most relevant points, for example: the way in which human beings interact, a global vision of theEarth as a living and active planet and its consequences and taking responsible decisions about our role in the environment and benefit of the society.
Unit # 1 Science in context
Points toevaluate. | Excellent | Good | Bad | Counter |
Delivery ofthe activity. 1/2 point | Time delivery. | Untimely delivery with justification. | Untimely delivery. | |
Presentation1/2 point | Theactivity includes the elements required (cover, hand written, pictures, photos, creativity) | The activity includes a few elements required. | The activity doesn´t include the elements required. | |Content in quality and quantity of the activity.2 points | Makes a relationship between science, technology, society and environment in historical and social contexts.The student’s opinion about the...
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