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Watch: Hello friends, my name is and I'm Orondo palace clock. From
up here I can see almost everything that happens in this city. Behold!
My friend lives there Cinderella. Those two are her stepsisters.
They are a couple of cinchonas ....
Amelia: Cenicientaaaa! Give me a snack.
Emilia: Cenicientaaaa! Have you already done my homework?
Amelia: Pick up my toys now.Emilia: Hey stupid, where did you put my skates?
Clock: Look, here's Cinderella
Cinderella: I'm coming, I'm coming. Hi Amelia, Emilia hello, just past the
vacuum cleaner and do not hear ...
Watch: And this is his stepmother
Stepmother: Cinderella, what you chat and wasting time? Go
board now.
Cinderella: If Stepmother.
Amelia: And then you make me spaghetti for dinner
Emilia: With tomatoAmelia: Carbonara
Emilia: With tomato!
Amelia: Carbonara!
Emilia: You shut dwarf, I'm the oldest and I say that with tomato
Amelia: Mommy, Mommy, if I do not get to mourn carbonara
Stepmother: Girls, girls, calm. You heard Cinderella: carbonara for
Amelia and Emilia tomato ... and for me an omelette. Come
little girls of mine, let's watch TV for a while.
Watch: Go! Look who's here. It isa page in the palace. I wonder
do want ...
(Rings the doorbell)
Paje: Hello Miss, here I bring this letter to the king.
Cinderella: Thank you, have a good day. (Closes the door) A letter
Amelia: (grabs the letter) I open it!
Emilia: (grabs the letter to his sister) I open myself!
Stepmother: (rips the letter to Emilia) Girls, girls! These manners!
(Opens the letter and reads)His Majesty is pleased to invite all the girls of this
home to a dance to be held in honor of his son Prince ....
Amelia and Emilia: Hooray! Fiesta! Fiesta!
Cinderella: So ... I too have been invited.
(Laugh the other three)
Stepmother: Daughter Of course, but I do not let you into palace
those pints. Come on, do not be silly and still wiping
(Laughing out three on one side of thestage and
Cinderella, head down, on the other)
Clock: As you can see not deal well with Cinderella. Whenever
I see these three I feel like, of, of ... I do not know why.
But careful! We have been their best clothes and go to
dance. Goodbye, kitschy! But ... what about our friend? Where is
Cinderella? Poor thing, it is there, crying ...
(Rings the doorbell)
Clock; Now who called?(Cinderella gets up, dried her tears and opens the door)
Fairy Godmother: Ta chan!
Cinderella: Good evening ma'am? I can help?
Fairy Godmother: No daughter, I'm going to help you. I'm your fairy godmother and
I'm sick of these three heavy make life
impossible. (Looks around thoughtfully) Let's see, let's see .. what
we have here ... Great! Barbi with a car, just what
needed. Go, throw them out thewindow, if not then
can not get home.
Cinderella: But Amelia and Emilia are angry!
Fairy Godmother: These pampered! But if they will not account for many
toys as they have!
(Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother obeys her wand out the window)
Fairy Godmother: Abra Cadabra
Fairy Godmother
makes this car
in a limousine
Watch: Pokes! What cool car!
Fairy Godmother: Abra Cadabra
weaver spidermakes this Barbie
a conductive
Watch: And with driver!
Cinderella: What fun!
Fairy Godmother: And now the dress. To see what I have here ...
(Reaches into his bag)
This does not, this does not, either ... no, no ... This!
Cinderella: How beautiful!
Fairy Godmother: Go get dressed while I look for some shoes.
Here are
Cinderella: They are beautiful!
Fairy Godmother: You are gorgeous!Come on, hurry up or you'll be late
Cinderella: Thank you fairy godmother.
Fairy Godmother: One more thing, as I am a bit novice my spells do not last long. You'll have to be back before midnight.
Cinderella: No matter, this is much more than what I expected. Thank you. Goodbye!
Fairy Godmother: Cinderella Bye, hope you are well.
Watch: Go partying! There are a lot of people but the prince did...
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