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Read pages 620-627 and then answer the following questions.

1. How does the image on page 620 suggest the frustrating life story Hughes describes in his poem?A: There are al black people in a small town, it looks like one of those poor towns where it’s almost full of old people playing table games.

2. AnswerCritical Viewing on page 620
A: Hopeless, it makes it seem like there’s no hope left by using all those words in the poem.

3. What does the painting on page 622suggest the man’s doing? Why?
A: That the man is thinking about something, he’s making a drawing of something while holding smaller scale of Earth.

4. How does thispainting reflect the image of Archimedes that is described in “Sonnet on Love XIII”?
A: It now makes sense, it says that he could move the Earth itself, the image backsup almost everything it says in the paragraph.

5. Answer Critical Viewing on page 623
A: He would liked it since the poem says great stuff about him.

6.Answer Critical Viewing on page 624
A: The image is perfect for the poem since it talks about the sun, the sea most of all, shadows, waves, etc and the image reflects itall.

7. What human traits does the wind show in the second stanza?
A: When it says “Hearing the loving wind” it talk about her hearing the beautiful and lovelysound of the wind.

8. On page 627, what idea do you think the speaker is trying to share?
A: It talks about a lonely guy who saw a crowd near the lake where theydanced and so did the waves.

9. Answer Literary Analysis on page 627
A: That the crowd was so happy dancing as same as the stars do in the Milky Way.
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