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Game addiction

Have you ever heard about game addiction? Do you know someone who spends more time in front of the computer or TV than socializing; he/she might have a second life, on which youwill never be part of. This addiction may begin with something very simple: to play what your friends play. Some games (most f them) are online, it is a way of making everybody plays together, this,makes you play all day. After beginning to play all day, you cannot stop and sometimes it becomes an addiction, but you do not know it yet. Other known games like Travian, Second life, Habbo or PSP gameslike GTA, Sims, Dota are placed for the first time for a commercial they put n many pages on Internet. Game addiction can start for many causes but all of them have bad consequences because of all thepsychological effects it has over the player’s life, family and economy.

Addictions have different effects and these cams affect their person’s life, it can even cause death. In the case of XuYan, he had to suffers this awful experiences alter the playing online games for over 15 days, or the case of Xia Yi, a 13 year old Chinese boy who committed suicide to be reunited with fellow Cyberplayers in heaven. In U.S.A we find other examples of this exaggerated action, a guy in Philadelphia was convicted of 3-degree murder for killing his 17-month-old daughter in a range oven a broken Xbox.These are examples of accidents caused by game addiction, but does the family suffer too? Mossy of the times that we see someone suffering of that, we may have one thing very clear that person willnever accept it because it is a disease, and t has to be well treated. Its hard for the family to deal with it, a good example Could be, the father is addicted and he comes from work late and the firstthing he does is turning on the game, he wont have dinner with his family, will not go to bed with his wife and the next day he will be tired at work, and any free hour he has will happen the same...
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