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Deadly Size

Fashion is an important part in almost every young women’s life and it plays a major influence in them as well. Now more than ever this industry is trying to show models as perfect asthey can. But what is perfection for them? Been size zero. They still have not realized that young girls who watch these advertisements, commercials, magazines or any other piece of propaganda thatthey give them, want to be just like those models; they will put pressure on themselves to achieve this goal – be as skinny as they can. The question is, does been size zero worth the risk?

From apsychological viewpoint, models that are size zero send wrong signals to girls who look at supermodels as their role models. The fashion industry somehow establishes who young people are meant to be,how they should look, and what they should wear in order to make other people look up or be jealous of them; they sell women with “unachievable body stereotypes” according to Lib Dem EqualitiesMinister. These young minds are growing up believing that that size is the ideal. Watching such slim bodies makes them very uncomfortable with the current size they are in and will put pressure on themselvesto look like “that girl in the TV add”. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anorexia has the highest death rate of any mental illness.

As far as nutrition is concerned, tosuccessfully lose weight, you must develop a routine that combines and balances your caloric intake with exercise. Our body needs essential fats, nutrients, vitamins and minerals; if we do not take them orrefuse to do so in order to be size zero we will suffer several diseases that can lead us to death. However, models have not realized yet the harm they are doing to their organism when they do noteat or combine different diet pills and salads in every meal they have during the day. Luisel Ramos and Uruguayan model died form starving herself, she tried to live on Diet Coke and lettuce leaves...
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