Optimus prime

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INSTRUCTIONS: STEP 1: Print. Designed to fit on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper and to be printed with any printer. A thick matte paper works best forextra sturdiness. STEP 2: Punch. Using an awl or pen, lay the printed page on a soft surface (such as the carpet) and poke out the marked holes. It iseasier to do it now than after the pieces are cut out. STEP 3: Cut. Using your best pair of scissors and a steady hand, cut out all the limbs andshapes. STEP 4: Glue. Fold the pieces along the designated fold lines and add a touch of glue to the white tab areas of each piece. STEP 5: String. Cutsome rubber bands (or wire or fishing line) and use them to string together the various limbs. Be sure to tie a knot on each end so it doesn't slipthrough the holes you punched earlier. A bent staple makes a great sewing needle for threading. See the next page for more detailed instructions of thisstep. STEP 6: Enjoy! Now take a photo of your paper creation and send it to us at PaperRobots1999.com! Cut and assemble pieces as shown.

Gluetorso into chest.

String together shoulders, chest, and neck. Glue head to neck.


String together upper legs, lower legs, and feet.D.

String together upper legs and torso. Glue wheels to hips, and glue hips to upper legs.

Glue wheels to lower legs.


String togetherupper arms and forearms.


Glue smokestacks to shoulder pads.

Finally, string together shoulders, shoulder pads, and upper arms.

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