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Good evening, my name is Aura Jimenez Castro my occupation is a secretary of Universidad Del Norte, my nationality is Colombian, My place of birth is SantaMarta-Colombia, I´m single my house is located on A.V Libertador # 27-280 directions to get to my house are Diag 27 beside of supermarket Olimpica; dig the school MariaAuxiliadora, across from next to a shopping center. I like and prefer the cinema and concerts w because share with friends, is fun, and entertaining, I like pop, meringue,vallenato music. I live with my parents and my younger brother, during the weekends we clean our house and watch TV all day.
My father is a driver he transportschildren to schools, he has is fifty-two years old, he is tall, thin, has hair and black eyes. He is funny lovelyning but sometimes moody. He likes listening to oldmusic, also likes to repair small appliances in their spare time.
My mother is a housewife all day keeps busy with housework she has is fifty- five years old, she isshort, thin, has short hair and black eyes. She is fun loving likes the music and parties.
My brother has is 24 years old is tall, thin, but very shy and quiet, heworks as a security guard. He likes to go out with friends and shopping, he´s not very expressive and affective.
My aunt is very similar to me she is tall, thin,has black, and long hair has black eyes is 42 years old and works as a baby- sister in rodadero, she has no children, she is separated.
I come from a largefamily my uncles from my father are 7 and my uncles from my mother are 7, I have 28 cousins, so far I have nephews

I love my family and I thank God for it.
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