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Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers will provide the UK with a leap forward in capability, providing political choice and decisive action. Today the Response Force Task Group already provides political flexibility, which is particularly important at times of regional tension. This freedom of action does not rely on gaining agreements with other countries to use their bases. With the addition of theQueen Elizabeth Class Carriers, the RFTG will see a marked increase in capability. The Aircraft Carriers will operate the potent Joint Combat Aircraft which will exploit the advantageous elements of maritime and air power; providing a spectrum of capability including surveillance, enduring deterrence, coercion and containment of potential threats to our nation’s interests. Maintained at very highreadiness, they will by able to act swiftly should presence alone fail. An Aircraft Carrier is so much more than an Airfield Afloat. It will be: …an International symbol and a source of national pride; it is a statement of intent that the UK intends to remain a global player now and in the future. …able to act independently but, when working as part of the RFTG, it will greatly increase the UK’sability to respond to crises worldwide. …operated across the full spectrum of military missions from evacuation operations, to disaster relief, to combat. …deployed to those regions which threaten our nation’s interests in order to influence events and enforce UK foreign policy. …at very high readiness and will have the aircraft, aircrew, engineers and logistics ready to respond at very short notice.…supported by the RFA, a cost effective supply chain which will support the Carriers’ already impressive range and internal stores supplies. …a mobile base for state of the art Intelligence and Reconnaissance aircraft, with the means to gather, analyse and exploit information. With access to a global resource of intelligence and data, it will provide unprecedented situational awareness, both on boardthe ship and in the aircraft which fly from its deck. …inherently a Joint asset and, exploiting an enduring trait of the maritime environment, able to operate worldwide without risking the diplomatic sensitivities of elements based ashore. …manned by personnel who understand the complexities of supporting aircraft at sea, serving in a ship focussed full time on the Carrier Strike role, they will beable to plan and coordinate the use of its assets and respond quickly, whilst also retaining the capability to easily embark additional aircraft dependent upon the situation. …able to conduct multiple roles concurrently such as enforcing Maritime Interdiction Operations, while striking targets on land, supporting Combat SAR, conducting Maritime Surveillance, Intelligence and Reconnaissance andreassuring allies, without a footprint on their sovereign lands. …part of an intelligent force that will utilise influence, and engage with key audiences, allies and partners to promote the UK, provide political choice, and protect our nation’s interests.

Looking ahead to the Carrier Strike of the RFTG

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SDSR 10 confirmed the requirement to generate a future Aircraft Carrier and highlighted the need to ensure continuous d Carrier Strike availability throu close cooperation with the ugh French and the United States. e

Preparing for the arrival of the Queen Elizabeth Class(QEC) e Eliz aircraft carriers and the Joint C Combat Aircraft (Lightning II). Airc c
The UK’s new Aircraft Carriers are now being constru w g constructed and will mark the return of a conventional deterrent an intervention capability for Defence. nd The size of these ships enables significant numbers of aircraft to be kept at very ai bles maintenance and upkeep high operational readiness, and...
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