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1. Commands 

Basic Use:
If you only have ONE card, then use this command:
atiflash -p 0 biosname.rom

Crossfire Use: (This will flash ALL video cards)
If you have a crossfiresetup, the use this command:
atiflash -pa biosname.rom

*Note* To use more than one command, just added the addition commands afterwards
ex. atiflash -f -p biosname.bin

-i [NUM]Display informationof ATI adapters in the system

-ai [NUM]Display advanced information of ATI adapters [NUM] if specified

-p <NUM> <FILE> Write BIOS to image <FILE> to all approriate adapters-s <NUM> <FILE> [SIZE] Save BIOS image from adapter <NUM> to file <FILE>
First [SIZE] kbytes (except for Theater in bytes) of ROM

-cf <FILE> [SIZE] [SUM] calculate16-bit checksum for file <FILE>
Checksum for the first [SIZE] kbytes of the file is calculated if [SIZE] is specified

-cb <NUM> [SIZE] [SUM] Calculate 16-bit BIOS image checksum foradapter <NUM>
Checksum for the first [SIZE] kbytes of the ROM content is calculated if [SIZE] is specified.

-t <NUM> Test ROM access of adapter <NUM>

-v <NUM> <FILE>Compare ROM content of adapter <NUM> to <FILE>

-f Force flashing regardless of security checking BIOS file info check OR boot-up card

-fa Force flashing bypassing already-programmedcheck

-fm Forec flashing bypassing BIOS memory config check

-fs Force flashing bypassing BIOS SSID check

-fp Force flashing bypassing BIOS P/N check

-pcionly Enumerate only PCI adapters-agp Enumerate only AGP adapters

-pcie Enumerate only PCIE adapter

-reboot Forec a reboot of the system after successfully completing the specified operation

2. Setup USB Drive

* Select thedrive you want to use
1. Download DOS Start Files and HP USB Format Tool
2. Extract "win98boot"(default) folder
3. Run HPUSBDisk as Admin
4. Select Device, Change Volume label if necessary.
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