Passive voice

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1- Carmen should visit the doctor because she is ill.

2- My son wrote two pages for his exam.

3- While Carmen was reading the book, my father was washing the car.

4- I don´t do my homework every days.

5- She doesn´t study the lessons.

6- My daughter didn´t write her letter.

7- She is putting her coat on.

8- She hasn´t repaired her trousers.

9- The mechanichadn´t repaired his car.

10- Did she cook any spaghetis for him?

11- Where will they sell the books?

12- Are you using the movil phone?

13- Eddie has bought some new programmes for the computer.

14- Where will they have sent an e-mail?

15- My parents gave me some medicine.

16- They couldn´t pay that bill.

17- Silvia asks some questions about the meeting.

18- A group ofteenagers is touching the broken windows.

19- Carla is riding her horse now.

20- I had painted the walls of my house yesterday.

21- Mark will not pay it in the restaurant.

22- My teacher is going to correct the mistakes.

23- Fer made his exam very well.

24- Matias is touching the lamp in front of the window.

25- Fer will do the exam for the next class.

26- Luca hasn´t donethe exercises yet.

27- Vanesa can read the newspaper in five minutes.

28- Silvia ironed my trousers yesterday.

29- Armando has taken some photographs.

30- Have your parents given you any money?

31- The reporter didn´t publish the new edition.

32- The pilot would land the plane at the airport.

33- They were drawing with some pictures.

34- His mother hadn´t bought any products.35- Why has his mother bought it in the supermarket?

36- Was Annie feeding her pet?

37- Some teenagers are touching this broken window.

38- Why has his mother bought them in this market?

39- Mary and her friends prepare the play every days.

40- Carmen didn´t buy the tickets for the concert.

41- Perhaps Caro will paint the picture.

42- Susana can eat the soap in tenminutes.

43- Is the captain driving this sport car?

44- My parents would pay the bill before the party.

45- The clients have brought their computers.

46- Nobody has finished the exercises yet.

47- Where must my dog eat the fresh meat?

48- They haven´t bought any CDs in the shopping.

49- My grandfather has given me a watch.

50- Carmen is going to invite me to the party.

51- Allthe boys in the street broke the window of the house.

52- Why was Caro studying the list of the verbs.

53- My little sister 's never washed the dishes.

54- The shark has eaten the leg of the baby.

55- The baby is throwing the sweets on the floor.

56- I mustn´t complete the test.

57- The alien may attack a human being.

58- Someone has answered my mobil phone.

59- Joseph willbuy a new car for me.

60- My mother can´t change her mind.

61- Why aren´t the girls buying a present for him?

62- Edith buys any bread at the bakery.

63- Carla is going to do the English test at school.

64- Her friend isn´t doing the test.

65- My neighbours had knocked the door.

66- Are the pupils writting bad things on the blackboard?

67- Her teacher hasn´t correct themistakes.

68- The Russian army attacked to Argentinian people.

69- Calamaro will play the best song of his life.

70- The gardener is cutting the grass in the park.

71- Belen would ask some questions about the test.

72- Where had he thrown the rubbish?

73- The man lost all his money in the lottery.

74- This maid is doing the beds now.

75- The soldiers fought the enemies.76- The wind has flown the leaves in winter.

77- My father earns a bit of money in his work.

78- The engineer won´t build the building.

79- My new neighbour is fighting with the old one.

80- Alan hasn´t spoken English very well.

81- Some people choose some typical food to eat in restaurants.

82- George will refuse his invitation for the meeting.

83- Caro and Peter have given...
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