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The passive voice is generally used when the ¨does¨ of an action isn’t kown, or when is is not important to mention him. If you use the word ¨by¨ to indicate the doer, the sentence would be more effective in the active form.
When a active sentence has two objects (direct an indirect), any of them can become the subject in a passive constucction.
There are also someimportat changes in the verb tense an they are:
Simple present Eats is/are eaten
Present continuous is eating is/are being eaten
Simple past ate was/were eaten
Past continuous was eating was/were eaten
Present perfect has eaten has/have been eaten
Past perfect had eaten had been eaten
Future will eat will be eaten
Conditionalswould/could eat would/could be eaten
Perfect conditionals would have eaten would have been eaten
Present infinitive to eat to be eaten
EXERCISES: Change the following sentences to the passive voice
1. They didn’t look after the children properly.
2. Bears could’t have done this.
3. The government has called out the troops.
4. They will have to adopt a different attitude.
5.Peoplpe are spending a lot of money on food now.
6. They drink that a scientist should teach science, but that any idiot can teach history.
7. He expected us to offer him the job.
8. You should open the wine about three hours before you use it.
9. Anyone with the smallest intelligence coulf understand these intructions.
10. We had to give the books back, they didn’t allow uus to takethem home.
11. The postman clears this box twice a day. He las cleared it at 5:30.
12. The lawyer gave him the details of his uncle’s will.
13. The manufactures are giving away an artificial rose with each packet of cereal.
14. People steal things from supermarkets every day. Someone stole twenty cans of beer from this one last week.
15. They are pulling down the old theater.
16.Someone turned on a light in the hall and opened the door.
17. Someone broke into his house and stole most of his silver.
18. The audience enjoyed the concert very much.
19. The used to start these engines by hand; now they start them by electricity.
20. The librarian said that they were starting a new system because people were not returning books.
21. The author has written aspecial edition for children.
22. Mr. Smith will leave the tickets in the office.
23. We kill and injure many people on the roads every day.
24. Nobody can do anything unless someone gives us more information.
25. We have to pick the fruit very early in the morning; otherwise we can’t take in to the market on time.
26. You must not hammer nails into the walls without permission.
27.They will say nothing else about it if someone returns the stolen gun.
28. The teacher corrects our exercises at home.
29. They haven’t stamped the letter.
30. The boys have broken all the windows in the new library.
31. They showed him the easiest way to do it.
32. I’m afraid we have sold out all our copies, but we have ordered more.
33. They may deliver the merchandise whilewe are away.
34. Nobody has used this room for ages.
35. They have taken down the For Sale notice, so I suppose they have sold the house.
36. Some one left his sweater in a classroom yesterday, the cleaner found it.
37. Someone stole my car and abandoned it ten kilometres away. He had removed the radio but done no other damage.
38. A Japanese firm is mankind these television sets.39. A machine could do this job much more easily.
40. Tom Smith wrote the book and Brown and Co. Published it.
41. We can’t repair your clock.
42. Why did no one inform me of the change?
43. You shouldn’t leave these documents on the desk. You should lock them up.
44. The guest ate all the sandwiches and drank all the beer. They left nothing.
45. Women clear this office in the...
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