Past simple

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Past Simple
I was eighteen in this picture. It was thirteen years ago.
I studied at University at that time.
I lived with my friends Paco and Javi in a big and old flat.
We didn't study muchand we enjoyed our life. Every weekend we went to the disco and met new girls.
I remember I had a girlfriend called Margarita.
I finished my studies in 1995.
A year later I started to work as aLanguage teacher  in a Secondary school. Life is not too bad, but those days were fantastic!
Do you know about your parents' life when they were young?
Present Simple
I like habits and routines.
I alwaysdo the same things and at the same time.
I always drink two glasses of milk in the morning and I usually arrive at school at twenty five past eight.
I often wear jeans and T-shirts. I love popmusic. I also love animals and plants. I have a beautiful garden.
I live with my parents and my brother.
He is very different from  me.
He never arrives on time for lunch.
He likes new clothes andfashion, and he doesn't listen to pop music.
He plays hard rock in a group called "Metal Bananas"

Present Continuous
I'm here totell you what I'm doing at the moment because my life is changing a lot these days. 
Now I'm not studying, but I'm working in a Body Piercing Tattoo shop. I like tattoos.
At the moment I'm wearingnine tattoos and ten piercings.
At present I'm playing the guitar in a heavy metal group called "Metal Bananas".
This evening I' m playing with some friends in Marbella in a birthday party.
I' m goingout with a girl, but she's working in the disco today.
She isn't coming with me to the party. Are you coming with me guys?
Past Continuous.

We were together  in many occassions when we were young.While I was studying to be a secretary he was studying to be a teacher and we lived on the same street in Granada.
When I was going out with his best friend Javi.
We were talking for hours about...
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