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BitTorrent File Sharing Protocol
Over the past 20 years, programmers have demonstrated that Peer-to-Peer is the global standard method for delivering high-quality files over the Internet. The first generation who starts utilizing file sharing was Napster. Shawn Fanning, from Boston along with two friends Jordan Ritter, from Boston and Sean Parker, from Virginia released theoriginal Napster in June of 1999. (Ambrosek, 2006, p. 38) Kazaa was the second generation of file sharing, later in March of 2001 three young programmers from Europe, Niklas Zennström, Janus Friis, and Priit Kasesalu introduced to Internet users a new software that replaced Napster due to legal copy right violations (Moschovitis Group, 2005, p. 214). As result of this violations Napster was shutdownin June of 2001. A young Programmer named Bram Cohen tired of failure decided to create new software that represents the new wave of file sharing also known as BitTorrent (Piccard et al., 2006, p. 288). This review of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Protocol BitTorrent focuses on the following:
1. How BitTorrent operates?
2. How BitTorrent is adopted by industries?
3. How secured is BitTorrent?
4.What technologies are built on BitTorrent?
5. What are the legal issues involved in the utilization of BitTorrent?
These are the five questions that we will remain focused.

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How BitTorrent operates?
According to Greg (2001), BitTorrent is a network protocol that defines how files are transmitted across multiple peers. It's basically defined how many computers cantransmit small files of data together in the most efficient way possible. Users start by downloading a small "torrent" file, which contains the metadata of the file to be downloaded and the location of a "tracker." All the "peers" connect to a central "tracker," which tells the peers the location of the other peers, and where to get the pieces of the file each peer is looking for. Peers then starttransferring data between each other, without ever directly involving the tracker. Files aren't transmitted linearly; instead pieces of the file that could be at the beginning, end, or middle, are transferred in the most efficient way possible. The result is that large files can be downloaded quickly. Typically, these large files are media or software.
How BitTorrent is adopted by industries?Unlike many other Peer-to-Peer applications, BitTorrent technology has been adopted by some companies for distribution of their business data, software and content updates. There are also commercial products for content distribution and storage services that are using BitTorrent technology. Companies have been using BitTorrent in some many ways to transfer files via the Internet (Rimmer, 2007, p.113). Rochester (2008) reported that Valve, the developers of Half Life 2, has hired Bram Cohen to develop a BitTorrent protocol so that they can distribute their games online. Another games developer Blizzard has also chosen to distribute their latest game through BitTorrent. BitTorrent has signed an agreement with the Motion Picture Association of America to collaborate on stopping Internetpiracy. BitTorrent have agreed to remove all links directing users to pirated content owned by the seven MPAA member companies', we are pleased to work with the film industry to remove unauthorized content from BitTorrent. CNN's show, Crossfire, was broadcasted to 867,000 people who watched it through the Television set, immediately after it was aired; fans ripped it and put it online as a torrent.Within a day at least 4,000 servers were hosting it. The reason why companies are moving to BitTorrent Technology it's cheaper than the technology that is being used at the present.
How secured is BitTorrent?
According to DSL (2004), BitTorrent does not offer its users anonymity. It is possible to obtain the IP addresses of all current, and possibly previous, participants in a swarm...
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