Pepsi vs coke

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Coca Cola vs. Pepsi
Everyone already knows the battle between Pepsi and Coca Cola, two titans in the actual market of beverages, but is this fight real or only advertising? Who willwin in the market based on their ads?
There a quote that says ‘Better the devil you know (than the devil you don’t)” and we can apply this proverb to those brands that try to sell the differencewith their competitors through their ads.
Two adjectives can define these giants of the market:
Coca Cola: Classic
Pepsi: aggressive
These simple words are reflected in the two pictures above.Coca Cola has tended to show in all their advertising the red color like symbol and emblem, being recognized for everybody, whereas Pepsi has used three different colors: red, white and blue.
The useof the red color is not left up to fate. It´s already proved that the red color whet the appetite .More over the red color symbolize the life, the energy. The red is the color of the strength and theforbidden things, an all the forbidden things attract to the people. Finally the red color and the coke are closely related. Coke contains caffeine and the red is a stimulant color, exactly the effectof the caffeine. An example clarifies this idea; all the races of Ferrari cars use red cars, why? Because the red is attributed with the adrenaline.
Whereas Coke tries to incite the buy of theproduct trough the color, Pepsi uses the colors in a deeper sense. Just as coke, the red represents the emotions .But what mean the blue and white colors? The whole logo represents the United States ofAmerica and the round circle the global presence. Moreover the blue is related with water and the refreshing aspect of drinking something cool. Blue also symbolize business.
The logo of Pepsi isfilling with different meanings. The colors represents the united states flag, the round circle the global union, the white wave is how the energy flows and finally the whole logo represents the ying and...
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