Personajes de the prision of zenda

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Rudolf Rassendyll
ØHe is rich Englishman, age 29 years old.
ØWell-educated and intelligent
ØDoes not believe in working for a living as he is comfortable with his inheritance and social
ØFun-loving and adventurous
ØCompassionate and kind.
ØAgrees to impersonate Rudolf the Fifth to help him save his throne.’
ØA man of honour 
ØFalls in love with Flavia but sacrifices his lovefor the sake of the King.
ØA brave warrior who risks his life to rescue the King.
ØTrue and loyal to the Princess and keeps his promise of being the ‘Queen
King Rudolf the Fifth
Ø King of Ruritania who loves good wine and hunting.
Ø Not respected by many of his people as he is always abroad.
Ø Carefree and humorous
Ø Laughs loudly and easily.
Ø Kidnapped and imprisoned by his brother, DukeMichael.
Ø Saved by Rudolf and regains his throne.
Ø Becomes a more responsible King after his traumatic ordeal.
Ø Marries Princess Flavia.
Ø Rules Ruritania like a true King.
Colonel Sapt
ØThe King’s chief adviser.
ØShort and stout with a grey moustache
ØHas a big square and small blue eyes.
ØWise , intelligent, shrewd, meticulous and careful.
ØDutiful, loyal and faithful to KingRudolf.
ØPersuades Rudolf to impersonate the King to save his throne.
ØFirm but kind – helps and guides Rudolf in all his formal duties.
ØBrave warrior and would not hesitate to sacrifice his life for the King.
ØBelieves in fate as he believes it is fates that has sent Rudolf to save the King.
ØReminds Rudolf not to be swept by love and honour and duty must surpass personal love.
Princess FlaviaØBeautiful and charming princess who is engaged to the King.
ØCousin to King Rudolf the Fifth.
ØObservant and able to notice some differences between Rudolf Rassendyll and King Rudolf but
is unaware Rudolf is actually an impersonator.
ØFalls in love with Rudolf Rassendyll.
ØGentle, sweet and caring.
ØWorries about Rudolf’s safety and welfare.
ØWill not hesitate to go to Rudolf when she hearsthat he is ill or in trouble.
ØAccepts her duty to marry the King and be queen of Ruritania.
ØSacrifices her love for Rudolf for the sake of her country.
ØStill remembers Rudolf and leaves him a

Duke Michael
ØAlso known as Black Michael because of his black hair.
ØHalf-brother of Rudolf the Fifth.
ØDuke of Strelsau in Ruritania.
ØSpends a lot of time with the people.
ØPopular amongthe people and many people want him to be King.
ØAmbitious, scheming, cunning, wicked, evil and cruel.
ØKidnapped King Rudolf with the intention of killing him.
ØHas loyal supporters especially his devoted ‘Famous Six’.
ØIs in love with Princess Flavia and wants to marry her.
ØIs killed by Rupert of Hentzau who is determined to win Antoinette’s love.
ØAntoinette is in love with the Duke whodoes not love her.
Fritz von Tarlenheim
ØAnother of King Rudolf’s right-hand man
ØThin and dark.
ØLoyal friend and advisor to the King
ØHelps Rudolf in his role as the impersonator.
ØHelps Colonel Sapt to rescue the King.
ØA more unassuming and quieter man compared to Colonel Sapt.
ØBrave and daring in the rescue mission to save the King.
ØIn love with Countess Helga and eventuallymarries her.
ØRudolf spends a happy week in his house outside of Ruritania once a year.
ØHe brings a rose from the Queen for Rudolf and similarly brings a rose from Rudolf to the
Queen once a year.
Antoinette de Mauban
ØShe is beautiful, tall and dark French widow.
ØAbout 30 years old and is deeply in love with the Duke.
ØShe is determined because she tries to find a way to stop Duke Michael frombecoming King
and therefore marrying Princess Flavia.
ØAware of Duke’s wickedness and evil scheme to kill the King.
ØBetrays the Duke when she informs Rudolf of the Duke’s plan to kill the King.
ØHelps Rudolf to escape from his enemies.
ØNot interested in Rupert who loves her.
ØChoose to live alone in Paris to grieve for the Duke.
The ‘Famous Six’
ØThese are the personal bodyguards of...
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