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“Six Pillars of Character Counts”
Character counts plays a big role in our society today; that is why it is important in order to have a better community. Being a good character can have a lot ofpositive feedback. For example, when you are looking for a job or just looking for someone to rely on. Being a good character is being a good man with trustworthiness, respect, responsibility,fairness, caring, and citizenship. I try my hardest to show my good character every day.
I was brought up in a good home with strong religious beliefs. When I started high school it seemed to be contraryof that, because I skipped school a lot and I was doing drugs. Thankfully my parents stopped me from becoming a problem child. They made me look closer to God and see what I was doing was wrong. Fromthat day forward I promised my parents I would never touch those drugs again. Little by little I gained the trust of my Mom and Dad again. Since I made the promise, I have never touched those drugs.My parents know I can be trustworthy when offered to do drugs.
I am very dependent even though I live with my parents. There is a lot of responsibilities I have; I make the payments for my phone, mytruck, the insurance, the gas, and a big screen TV I bought for my dad last Christmas. I do this with the job I have at Chachi’s restaurant. Having a job is a big responsibility being on work ontime, showing up every day, and doing my job well.
I always treat others with respect, because I follow the saying “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.” I try to get along with everyonefrom school, work, to my house. No matter how rude an elderly person can be to me I still try to respect them. At school I treat all of my teachers much with respect because I admire all the hard workthey do for us. The people I show the most respect to would have to be my parents. They put me in this world, what other way would be better than to show my appreciation then to respect them.
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