Plan 5º Bimestre

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AÑO ESCOLAR: 2010-2011 unitpurpose: to enable students to describes past events
TEACHER: LEÒN MORALES RICARDO DASSAEV. In their life and that ofothers.
GRUPOS: 2º A, B, C, D, F Y G.

Lesson Activity Objective Material Procedure Notes
1 - Review - Review the important vocabulary and information of the last classes - Bb. - Teacherand ss will check the information about the hose´s rooms and furniture.
2 - Presentation of unit number 5 “PAST TIMES” - To present the unit and vocabulary like verbs in past time irregular andregular verbs.. - Bb - Ss will make the front unit in their notebooks illustrating some clothes -
3 - Describing their vacations - To trying to understand the difference between regulars andirregulars verbs.
- Bb - Teacher ask for the description about their last holydays.

- Math vocabulary
- To memorize some irregular verbs by matching them.
- Teacher ask for match theverbs and then students try to memorize them by keep working whit it in the bimester
5 - When I was a child…
Could and couldn´t - To describes ability and inability. - Bb - Teacher ask forthinking about their childhood and remember what they were doing by that time.
6 - Book page 162 “reading” - To learn some regular verbs - Book, bb. - Teacher asks for the reading and work it with itby the reading technique. -
7 - When I went to… - To keep working with past time. - Flash cards.
- draws - Teacher ask for the description about some travel.
8 - Proyect presentation - Toevaluated what ss had learned so far. - Bb - The proyect its about a recompilation about the topics we saw trough the bimesters. -
9 - “Magician class” - To get attention in past times. - Bb -...
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