Plan de marketing de el hotel casa andina

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1) Executive Summary 1

2) Corporative Connection 3

3) Environmental Analysis and forecasts 5
SWOT Analysis…………………………………………………………………..11

4) Segmentation and goals 13

5) Objectives for next year 14

6) Plan of Actions: Strategies and Tactics 15

7) Necessary resources for implementing strategies and meeting objectives 16

8) Marketing Control 18

9) Presentationplan and sales 19

10) Actions to take in the future 19

Marketing plan

Casa Andina Private Collection Sacred Valley

1) Executive Summary

The prestigious national hotel chain Casa Andina has within its
various establishments the Hotel Casa Andina Sacred Valley Private Collection, which is strategically located in an area full of landscapes reflecting an environment of peace, quietand cozy, which achieves establish its competitive advantage over competitors.

It features spacious and comfortable rooms and suites, in addition to possessing the
more complete and sophisticated equipment for the enjoyment of a
unique and unforgotten stays.

It is important to the company the opportunity to attend a public increasingly demanding seeking a unique experience, in parallelwith the increasing influx of foreign tourists yearning to visit one of the 7 wonders of the world, and enjoy landscapes, and also enhance the relationship with travel agencies that have a greater national recognition with which agreements can be beneficial, can also take advantage PromPerú activity that seeks to promote Machu Picchu as a tourist destination but also focus on domestictourists seeking to know more about the national culture.

The hotel considers appropriate to carry out a suitable plan of control based on the effective ongoing management of the job requirements of employees of all areas to work together in order to integrate their personal goals with those of the organization, and proper use of organizational values for the mission and vision and the company with favorableresults are achieved and beneficial, but without neglecting to comply with established standards to achieve customer satisfaction, loyalty programs which will be reflected in increased market share and strengthening the organizational image.
Casa Andina is looking for the proper management and control of their activities based on the SWOT analysis, workplace, business, competitive, and marketresearch study, all this in order to maintain its position at the national level, the greater preference from customers, the concept of 5-star hotel with the best amenities, facilities, the most luxurious, best quality and service to be followed by its organizational standards and improved every day to get customer loyalty. On the other hand it is essential to plan, develop and implement the mosteffective tactics and use of resources for achieving its objectives.

2) Corporative Connection

Casa Andina is a hotel that belongs to a Peruvian Hotel Group. The theme of each hotel is related to the different attractions trough out the regions of our country, its cultural elements and traditions plus the additional value that our cuisine provides nowadays with the gastronomic boom. It all makesa staying an unforgettable experience.

The group owns two different brands of hotels:
• Classic – “comfortable hotels in central locations”.
• Private Collection – “spectacular hotels in spectacular locations”.

The corporation is going to open a new line of hotels focused on experienced and refined travelers,
In 2010, Casa Andina is prepared to launch a third line of hotelsserving seasoned and sophisticated travelers, though still carefully preserving the local spirit and flavor of each destination.

Casa Andina Private Collection hotels are characterized by their spectacular properties in spectacular Peruvian locations. In all Private Collection hotels, guests are treated to the finest of local, creative gastronomy at gourmet restaurants, stunning views, and...
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