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Integrated Information Technology Strategic Plan
Information Technology Council

October 30, 2008

Table of Contents
Executive Summary Page 1

Information Technology Executive Committee Information Technology Council Members

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Top Issues Facing IT Leaders

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Situation Analysis

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SWOT Analysis

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Internal Strengths and WeaknessesExternal Opportunities and Threats

Needs Assessment

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Plan Recommendations

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Appendix A – Project Plans Appendix B – Project Planning Form

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Executive Summary
Information Technology Strategic Plan
This Integrated Information Technology Strategic Plan is the result of ongoing agreement and consensus of representative faculty, students, andprofessional information technology staff to serve client needs within the scope and mission of the University of Utah. The University’s Information Technology mission is (1) to provide timely, secure, reliable and ubiquitous access to information and on-line services, (2) to support the University’s education, research, patient care and community service goals, and (3) to extend University services to adiverse constituency without regard to time and place. Information technology (IT) will support students and faculty in the teaching and learning; research and discovery processes. Information technology will expand outreach efforts. Traditional IT focuses on transporting, processing and storing information. This plan envisions systems and services, which will engage our served community on apersonal, individual level.

Strategic Drivers for Information Technology
The primary role of IT leadership is to ensure that Information Technology is aligned with the mission, vision, and goals of the organization it serves. Through an ongoing IT project prioritization process, described later, several strategic themes have emerged which may serve to direct and prioritize IT investments and tomaximize the use of limited campus IT resources. These themes tend to group under the following categories:

Support the Mission of the University
This suggests that the use of limited IT resources should be prioritized based on the broadest possible reach into the University’s academic, research, and public service missions. President Young has outlined strategic objectives and initiatives thatinclude: • • • • • • • • • • Increase competitiveness in attracting top quality students, faculty, and researchers Achieve national prominence in research and creative activities. Increase external grant funding. Increase the diversity of our campus population. Improve student learning, engagement, and recruiting. Foster interdisciplinary teaching and research. Encourage international studentexperience. Incorporate instructional technology. Assess performance and value of programs. Improve operational, financial efficiency.

Improve Customer Service
This broad theme encompasses the needs of individuals and campus organizations. Projects may be prioritized based on improving service to customers in terms that include, but are not limited to the following: • • • • • • • • • Impact thebroadest possible scope of customers/users (students, faculty, staff, patients, visitors/patrons, etc.). Improve customer service and responsiveness. Enhance the end-user experience. Empower end-users with self-service functionality. Facilitate easy and reliable access to resources and information. Make it easier to get work done. Provide services and resources to support teaching, scholarship,research. Provide tools for management and decision making. Assist in defining and accomplishing academic goals (students and faculty).

Improve Communications and Collaboration
This driver supports academic and administrative, internal and external communications and collaboration. The focus is on connecting people to the people and resources necessary to accomplish individual, departmental,...
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