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What would do you like?

Count nouns

Mass nouns


Write an if it´s necessary.

Waiter: Would do you like a menu?
Tony: I don´t think so.
Waiter: Would do you like?
Tamika:I´d like a tuna fish sandwich and a cup of coffee.
Waiter: Do you want milk with your coffee?
Tamika: Yes, and sugar too. And could I have a glass of water please?
Waiter: Sure.
Tony: I´d like ahamburger with lettuce and tomato, and French fries.
I´d like a glass of milk too.
Waiter: OK.
Choose the correct item and write it in the blank.

1. Milk/sandwich/sugar. 2.Sandwich/water/hot dog. 3. Sandwich/tea/cake. 4. Pie/cake/tea 5. Sugar/milk/French fries. 6. Ice cream/two hamburger/spoon of sugar. 7. Cake/pie/sugar. 8. Sandwich/salt/pie. 9. Milk/glass of milk/bottleof milk. 10. Hamburger/water/sandwiches. | A sandwich.A glass of water.A piece of cake.A cup of tea.Six glasses of milk.Some two hamburgers.Two spoons of sugar.Three pieces of pie.Some milk.Ahamburger. |
Describe each picture.
| cakeA piece of cake | | MilkOne glass a milk |
| saltTwo spoons of salt. | | WineA wine |
| waterThree glass of water. | | TeaTwo cups of tea |
| || SandwichTwo sandwiches |
| pie A piece of pie | | |
| | | SugarThree spoons of sugar |
| hot dogFour hot dogs. | | |
What would you like? | I´d like a hamburgerCouldI have a cup of coffee?What king of pie do you have? |
Look at the cheeks a complete the conversations.
Waitress: Are you ready to order?
Man: yes I´d like a hamburger and some French friend.Waitress: Is that all?
Man: No, could I have a glass of milk too?
Waitress: sure.

Waitress: Can I help you?
Man: Yes. I´d like a cheese burger with lettuce and tomato.
Waitress: anything to drink?Man: Yes could I have a coke?
Waitress: OK.

Waiter: What would you like?
Woman: What king of lemon pie?
Waitress: lemon and apple.
Woman: Yes, lemon and apple please. And coke.
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