Police academy recommendations.

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Police Academy Recommendations.
When you want to be a police officer; while you are thinking about it, including when you just begin to dream with this idea perhaps you have just a unique image , yourself inside of a police uniform with a shining badge on your chest, an expensive gun, incredible patrol car, and may be one, two or three beautiful women watching you while you go toanywhere (I thought it), but those things are just the final product of a long previous process whose develop never imagined me and may be you do not, the most hard, important and exciting part of the process to become a police officer is to complete successfully the police academy, and now I will give you some tips to complete this stage well.
In your first week inside of the police academyis very strange or quirky, the sensation is a mix of sensations, important because you are on way to achieve your dream, nervous because you want to show to yours instructors and classmates that you have a future as a peace officer, happy because you are beginning a fight to do something with your life, shy because is your first day; everybody is watching you and you are watching to everyonegingerly, and expectant; you have strong and weak points, so you want to know what conditions your classmates are, but do not worry about it yours peers think and feel exactly like you. Normally your instructors are ex cops or some of they are cop actually, some looks like serious or rough persons and others looks nice, each of them have experience, this is a short and compressed course (full timeclasses during five or six months ), so you have to learn quickly and the instructors will demand the best of you, "under pressure" will be the new dominant sensation during the all class long, and trust me after two week a lot of people feel very disappointed and believe this is not exactly they want to do with their life’s and quit so quickly, but you look strong physical and mentally, so I amsure, you will finish it without problems. Never, never come to the academy unprofessionally; this mean incomplete uniform, without a good shaved, long hair, without yours materials (books, pen, and so on), thrust me any fail like it will means many push up’s, running fourth or five times around the field or any physical demanding test (the instructors have an incredible imagination front thesesituations, thrust me, I know what I say). The dynamic of the class is not a mystery, the ninety percent of the police academy will be like any previous class in your life; performance throughout this course is very similar to the college program, no trick here, just study, study, and more study, “study as hard as possible” is a good motto to overcome the academy.
Some classes as Penal Code,Criminalistics Science, Crime Scene Studies, Criminal Psychology are very interesting and I am sure you will really enjoy it, others like Police Procedures (different kind of detentions and arrests), Personal Defense (there is some martial arts, and how to use pepper spray, handcuff, Taser gun and so on) and over all Shooting Ranch are very exciting trainings. Also you will be tested through yourphysical performance, for instance: 1.5 mile run (17.30 minutes), 300 meter sprint (78 seconds), vertical jump (16.5 inches), push-Ups (15); agility run (20 seconds). Keep in your mind this is a complete program training, a whole packet, there is not a more important class than other; and you are required to pass all phases of the tests. Please, please pay special attention during the follow class, (Iknow, I know during the previous sentence I wrote “there is not a more important class than other” and I keep it), but this is different of the rest, its name is Arms and Ammunitions, this class is not just about this gun is more powerful, fast, technologically advanced or nice than other one, do not worry about put your hands on the air to make a question; one, two or ten time during this class,...
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