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Diana Astrid Sánchez García
Second Draft
June 5th, 2010
When we talk about pollution we can imagine how we aredestroying our environment. However, that is something we have to deal with: smog, noise, water pollution, garbage and something that is fashion actually,the visual one.
Here in Mexico, every day is common to see in every corner of the streets any kind of publicity, especially about politics. It isunbelievable how a country as Mexico is able to spend lots of money in political marketing every year, more than 25 million pesos a year every candidate, 25million pesos which will become tons of paper and plastic garbage. Anyway, there is a bigger problem talking about global pollution; on April 22nd, tonsof oil were shed on the Atlantic Ocean. The scope of this incident is immeasurable. It is believed that this tragedy is one of the most serious ecologicalmenaces in the history. More than one hundred and sixty thousand liters of oil are shed every day on open waters. Is unimaginable the amount of specieswhich will be affected, and it is probably on October of the currently year the menace reached Mexican coasts.
I know my last comment you have listenedto it thousand times at least, but, I think is the real time to be aware and care about our water resources, please don’t waste it, there are many waysof saving it, every time you leave the faucet open, you are limiting every kind of future life expectancy.

8th semester
Mauricio Montes
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