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♫ Present Simple

♫ Present Continuous

♫ Expressing frequency

♫ Stative Verbs

♫ Linking Words

Present Simple


Statement: I/you/we/they/ travel
He/she/it travels

Negative: I/you/we/they don´t travel
He/she/it doesn´t travel

Question: Do I/you/we/they travel?
Does he/she/it travel?

Use to talk about:

|Current habits|Toby walks to work |
|To talk about how often thing happen |Angela visits us very often |
|Permanent situations |Carlo works in a travel agency |
|States|Do you have a passport? |
|Future meaning |I have economy at nine |
|General truths and facts |Poland is in the European Union |

We can also use do/ does in presentsimple statement for emphasis.

Present continuous


Statements: I am driving ....You/we/they are driving .....He/she/it is driving.

Negative: I am not driving....You/we/they are not driving..... He/she/it is not driving.

Question: Am I driving ?... Are you/we/they driving?.....Is He/she/it driving?

Use to talk about:

|Actions happening now|Mike is driving to work at the moment |
|Temporary series of actions |Taxi drivers aren´t stopping here because of the roadworks |
|Temporary situations |Are they staying in a hotel near the Stadium? |
|Changing and developing situations|Holidays abroad are becoming popular |
|Annoying habits |Dad is always cleaning the car when i want to use it! |

You often use the Present Continuous with time expresions at the moment, this week / month / year, etc...

Expressing frequency

You say how often something happens you use:

- Adverbs offrequency

|Always |Usually |Often |Sometimes |Not often |Hardly ever |Never |

The adverb comes before the main verb

➢ I never drive to work.

But AFTER the verb “to BE”

➢ I am sometimes late.

In compounds, after the first auxiliar

➢ That bridge has always been used by people.

In negative sentences: after NOT➢ I will not usually do the washing.

In interrogative sentences: after subject

➢ Do you ever wear skirt?

- Frequency expresions

|Every day / week |Once |Twice |Three times a week |

These expressions come at the beginning or end of the sentence.

Stative verbs

They aren´t normally used incontinuous tenses because they don´t describe actions.

|Often refer to: |Example |
|Thinking |Believe, imagine, know, think, understand |
|Existence |Be, exist|
|Emotions |Hate, like, love, need, prefer, satisfy,want |
|The human senses |Hear, see, smell, sound, taste |
|appearance |Appear,look,...
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