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Example language Grammatical items

1. Break in A. Tag Questions

2. My brother is a pilot, is he? B. Phrasal verb

3. If it's sunny, we'll go to the park C. Passive voice4.-The exam should have been given to everyone D. Determiners

5. This, that, these, those E. Echo Questions

F. Conditional

6. An interjection is

a. an exclamation which shows thoughts or feelings b. a meaningless string of sounds c. the same as an adjective

7. A verb that has a subject butno object is.

a. Transitive b. Intransitive c. Passive

8. The subject does the action and receives the action is.

a. Reflexive b. Possessive c. Relative

9. A group of words that includes a subject and a finite verb is.

a. A clause b. A statement c. An idiom

10. A word that describes or gives more information about a noun or pronoun is.

a. An adjective b.An adverb c. An article

11. The words someone uses when they are telling someone what somebody else said or asked are,

a. The past tense b. Past conditional c. Indirect speech

12.A verb that does not take an auxiliary to negate or ask questions is called.

a. Active b. Modal c. Intransitive

13. ………. Are any pair or group of words commonly found together ornear one another. A. phrasal verbs B. collocations, C. chunks

14.A word with the same spelling and pronunciation as another word, but which has a different meaning,

A. Homonym B. Antonym C. homophone

15.A group of words or phrases that are about the same content topic or subject,

A. Lexical set B. Synonym C. Word family

16. A meaningful group of letters added to theend of a root or base word to make a new word which can be a different part of speech from the original word,

A. Prefix B. Particle C. Suffix

17. I’d rather have coffee than tea A. Suggesting

18.He should be in later B. Expressing probability F. Expressing preferences

19.What time does the bus arrive? C. Instructing20. I am sorry, I am busy D. Declining

21. Please turn to page 10 E. Enquiring

22. Two words which are different from each other by only one meaningful sound are.

A. Minimal pairs B. Homophones C. Consonants

23. In the sentence “She gave the ring to John” it can be implied that.

A. She only gave the ring to John B. John was the person she gave the ring to. C. She couldhave given the ring to somebody else.

24. The way the level of a speaker’s voice changes, to show meaning such as how they feel about something is.

A. Linking B. Stress C. Intonation

25. Words that sound similar because they have the same ending.

A. Rhyme B. Rhythm C. Contraction

the writing subskills listed A-G.

A. Edit

B. Proof-reading

C. Planning


E. Brainstorming

F. Extracting

31. I change or correct the words or content of some parts of my text to make it clearer or easier to understand.

32.Before finishing, I give my work a final check for accuracy

33. I organize my main ideas into different paragraphs in note form.

34. I start writing, developing my main ideas.

35.Before I start, I try to imagine everythingI can about the topic and start writing as many ideas as I can without an specific order.

For questions 36-42 look at the following terms for language skills and three possible descriptors of terms.

36. Extensive reading is

A. reading long pieces of text, such as stories or newspapers. B. Part of a text which is removed from an original text. C. written language in texts or groups...
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