Present and future wishes

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Ethics proposal

Martha Linette Araujo
Ana Paola Nunez Cerda
Andrea Cecilia Saucedo

January 29th 2010

The presentation is about death penalty, and we will come up to some topics such asmoral and political issues related to it and also we will talk about the church and God. We will research something about the history of the death penalty and a comparison between Mexico and Canada’sthoughts about this topic. Also, we will aboard some theories about ethical problems such as the Kantian Duty Ethics and de Contractarianism.
Andrea Saucedo will talk about the history of the topic,Martha Linette about the theories and Paola Nunez about the comparison between the two countries. We will also give some real cases and explain them.

Death Penalty
Death penalty consists of deprivingthe life of the condemned person by the State. The penalty consists of the execution of the condemned.
Death penalty is the elimination of all the criminals who have demonstrated to be intractable,therefore a huge danger to the society.

Since the firsts known penalty systems, such as Talion, until the modern legislations of those countries that keep current the death penalty, remain theancestral dynamics of the revenge as an answer to the offense or prejudice received. The Talion, and the next law codes that includes the death penalty, appropriate, in the name of justice, of theadministration of revenge.
Plato justified the death penalty as a political way to eliminate the harmful and pernicious elements of the society

Kantian Duty Ethics.
The Kantian duty ethics apply to oursubject, death penalty, because it is directly related to religion and God, and as we know, God has his 10 commandments, and one of them is Thou shall not kill, and also we know that God and religionhad their punishment for those who break this 10 commandments.
The ethics of Duty.
The contractarianism applies to our...
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