Wishes and regrets

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Juan Enrique Fernández Anaya
English level 8
Writing assignment regret and wishes

My regrets and wishes for life

The last years of my life had been very useful for me, I have been havingdifferent situations, some good ones and another no really nice to remember, I’ll start by talking about the regrets I have had. When I first came to Guadalajara I found out that the life in small townsIt’s a way different that in big cities, at first I started to hang out with all the people who asked me to go out and I thought I could trust to everybody, but then this awful day happened, I hadbought this new and expensive MP3 player for my apartment with my earned money of 4 months, and in this day I had invited a bunch of my “close” friends to my apartment so they could hear to my new toy,the reunion was doing just awesome when I decided to get a little bit drunk and I accomplish my mission at 2 am, the problem was when I had decided to go to sleep even still having the people at myapartment, but the thing was that I had had trust in one of my friends named Roberto and if I hadn’t had my trust on him nothing wouldn’t had happened.
When I had woke up in the morning around 8 or 9am, I found out that my new MP3 player was missing and then I immediately called to Roberto and he told me that he had left the apartment before every one was gone, I had been trying to find the onewho stole it but I might been looking in the wrong place or with wrong people, the thing which confused me so badly is that I knew all the people at my apartment and I had asked to all of them and noone knows a thing. Another regret I would like to talk about is about “being honest doesn’t always works”, I found out honesty doesn’t work always when I went to the mall to buy a pair of sneakerswhich I had liked a lot, it all started when I saw this 2 guys at the shoe store, they were just looking to the stuff in the store just like me, but I thought they looked so suspicious, but I didn’t...
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