Present Progressive

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1. She is giving me a gift.
She is not giving me a gift.
Is she giving me a gift?

2. My father and my mother are painting the house.
My father and my mother are notpainting the house.
Are my father and my mother painting the house?

3. Jose is climbing the mountain.
Jose is not climbing the mountain.
Is Jose climbing the mountain?

4. They are eatingin the restaurant.
They are not eating in the restaurant.
Are they eating in the restaurant?

5. My grandmother is sewing a sweater.
My grandmother is not sewing a sweater.
Is my grandmothersewing a sweater?

6. Maria and Bryan are playing volleyball.
Maria and Bryan are not playing volleyball.
Are Maria and Bryan playing volleyball?

7. The students are explaining thelesson.
The students are not explaining the lesson.
Are the students explaining the lesson?

8. I am buying a new jacket.
I am not buying a new jacket.
Am I buying a new jacket?

9. Thesecretary is talking on the phone.
The secretary is not talking in the phone.
Is the secretary talking on the phone?

10. The maid is cleaning the house.
The maid is not cleaning the house.
Is themaid cleaning the house?

Past progressive

1. We were playing soccer during the week.
We were not playing soccer during the week.
Were we playing soccer during the week?

2. It wasraining hard during the soccer game.
It was not raining hard during the soccer game.
Was it raining hard during the soccer game?

3. Peter was practicing the guitar before the competition.
Peterwas not practicing the guitar before the competition.
Was Peter practicing the guitar before the competition?

4. Susan was driving very fast last night.
Susan was not driving very fast lastnight.
Was Susan driving very fast last night?

5. My friends were running at the playtime.
My friends were not running at the playtime.
Were my friends running at the playtime?

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