Processed meat and cancer

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Processed Meat and Cancer
Written by Gloria Tsang, RD
last updated: August 2006

Study showed eating process meat may increase stomach cancer risk
Researchers fromStockholm, Sweden investigated data collected from more than 4,700 patients from 15 studies published from 1966 through 2006. Processed meat consumption as well as stomach cancer incidences were analyzed. The researchers found that higher intake of processed meat was associated with a greater risk of stomach cancer. Indeed, stomach cancer risk increased by 15 to 38 percent if consumption ofprocessed meats increased by just one ounce a day. The results of this study were published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in August 2006.

Editor's Note - Processed Meats are not Healthy, anyway.
Although previous studies have linked processed meats with other cancers such as pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancer, it is still too early to conclude that processed meats cause cancer.However, it is wise to stay away from them, anyway. Meats that are salted, cured, smoked or preserved with nitrate are considered processed meats. This includes bacon, sausage, ham, hot dogs, salami, luncheon meat and other cured meats. They are usually high in fats and salt, which means they are not heart-friendly, either. A slice of regular ham, for instance, contains two times more fat and 25times more salt than an equivalent portion of pork tenderloin.

Process Meat And The Cancer Warnings !
Posted on November 7, 2007 by laura1318
A new global cancer report has urged people to avoid processed and preserved meat completely. Processed meat are salami, ham,hamburgers , bacon, corned beef, sausages, hot dogs and patties.
They contained high salt and preservatives. and colourings orcancer causing dyes.We have been consuming for such a long time and to suddenly give up on those meat is a wake up call.
July 17, 2006
Heart to Heart
With Philip S. Chua, M.D.
Red Meat and Cancer
A diet high in processed meat (sausages, luncheon meats, etc.) may increase
the risk of carnivores developing pancreatic cancer by almost 70%, reported a
recent major study that was published in theJournal of the National Cancer
Institute and released to the public in October 2005.
The report showed “an average of 41 cases of pancreatic cancer were
diagnosed per 100,000 people each year among those who ate the most processed
meat compared with 20 cases among those who ate the least.”
This research, which included 180,000 individuals, also found that
individuals who ate evennon-processed red meats, including pork, beef, and any
other red meats, had a 50% higher risk of having cancer of the pancreas. While this
is 20% lower compared to those who ate processed meats, 50% increase in the risk
is still too high for comfort, since pancreatic cancer is a very painful and fatal
disease, with no known cure.
Scientists think the culprit-carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) may not bethe
saturated fat in red meats but the nitrate-based preservatives and the cooking
method, like charcoal-grilling and broiling. Apparently, the cooking method and the
nitrate preservatives each play a great role as carcinogens.
While the saturated fat in fresh (no preservative) red meat appears not to be
linked to pancreatic cancer in this study, other studies have shown that people who
eatred meat regularly have a higher risk for developing cancer of the colon, breast,
and other cancers in general, compared to those who minimize eating red meat.
Red meat also causes a quick rise in the cholesterol blood level, a condition that
increases the risk for the development of heart attack and stroke.
In 2005 alone, 32,180 Americans and 60,000 Europeans were found to have
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