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How is metal turned into magnets?

In this test we will try to explain how the magnets work, also we will speak about some examples, how metal is turned into magnets, and we will mention some kindsof magnetism. The magnet is a mineral that can attract metals and iron, and make them stick. The magnets have 2 poles: one side positive and other side negative, when you join a positive side with anegative side is created an attraction force. This is because the opposite poles attract.

All the materials have magnetic properties but some of them are stronger than others and are calledmagnetics.

That reason that a magnet attracts the objects of iron and metal is because around the magnet an invisible hoop forms and is called magnetic field. A metal or iron when entering this field isturned into magnet. The metals have thousand and thousand of atoms that are dispersed, but when the metals or irons enter in the magnetic field, some of their atoms with positive poles point through aside that is the negative pole, while their other atoms with negative poles point through the opposite side, that is the positive pole. As we had mentioned before, the opposite poles are attracted,then the metal or iron jumps to be attracted by the magnet and to become also a magnet.

It’s important to know that all the metals are electromagnetic, but some more than others that`s why there isa division to say how so electromagnetic they are:

1. ferromagnetism
2. diamagnetism
3. paramagnetism

We saw many important examples that we want to mention but we will mention the ones thatare more common

1. The metal detector
Mainly they are used in the mall and the airports. They are machines that detect metal or iron and they work as the following form: it’s a cable that makeselectricity pass, when it ocurrs these generate a magnetic field and the metals are attracted. When metals are attracted by the machine are when the noise activates.

2. The earth
It’s the biggest...
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