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* What is the chemistry laboratory like?
It´s roomy and nice.
The chemistry laboratory is a room where you can makeexperiments.

* In this place there are many items:
-Electronic scale: It´s used to meter the exact weight of the substances.
- Special clothes* The lab coat is used for protecting worker clothes.
* The goggles are used to protect the worker eyes from the chemical elements.
* The latex gloves areused to protect the worker hands from the chemical elements.
-Funnel: It´s used for filtration process.
-The thermometer: It´s used to measure temperature.
-Beaker:It´s used for making or warming substances.
-The microscope is used to observe really small organisms.
-Flask: It´s used to mix the chemical solutions.
-The lighter: It´sused for warming chemical elements, this tool work with gas.
-Tweezers of wood: They´re used to hold the test tubes while warming.
-The test tube: It´sused to store chemical elements; it may be exposed to heat.
* Prohibitions:
-You are not allowed to have long nails. You need to use latex gloves.-In a Chemistry lab, you are not supposed to use the hair down, because you could have an accident.
-You are not supposed to eat or drink in thisplace. Also you can´t smoke. It’s dangerous.
-Using jewelry such as rings, necklaces or bracelets, is forbidden.
-Using contact lenses is forbidden. Youneed to use safety glasses.
-There are not allowed to wear sandals or short clothes, chemists should use especial clothes to be safe from the chemical elements.
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