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/T/ For verbs that end with a non vocalized sound (f,h,k,p,q,s,t,x,ch,sh).
Watch watched -I watched tv for an hour yesterday.
Touch touched -To feel something with your hand.
Crash crashed -To collide. The cars crashed into each other.
Push pushed -To press against/forward; He pushed the door open.
Finish finished -To end; We finishedthe class on time.
Pass passed -Go go by or to change ownership.
Dress dressed -To put clothes on.
Cross crossed -To go across. He crossed the street.
Base based -Located. The company is based in Santiago.
Miss missed -To fail to hit or get. He missed the bus.
Practice Practiced -To work at repeatedly.
Dance danced -We danced salsa yesterday.
Help helped -To give aid.
Stepstepped -To raise the foot and move.
Trip tripped -To fall.
Drop dropped -To let fall.
Jump jumped -To spring into the air.
Type typed -To write with a keyboard.
Kick kicked -To hit something with your feet.
Pick picked -To choose.
Rake raked -To rake leaves in the garden.
Attack attacked -To assault.
Talk talked -To speak.
Walk walked -Peter walked home.
Lock locked -Tofasten the lock of .
Like liked -To enjoy.
Look looked -To examine, see.
Cook cooked -Prepare food.
Park parked -To locate a car, bus, motorcycle etc, in a place.
Work worked -To have a job or to function.
Thank thanked -To say thanks.
Box boxed -To put into a box.
Ask asked -He asked if he could borrow the car.
Laugh laughed -To express happiness.
Cough coughed -Reactionwhen inhaling smoke.
Puff puffed -To smoke.

/D/ Verbs that end in a vocal sound (b, g, I, l, m, n, r, u, v, w, y, z)
Rub rubbed -To touch with you hand and move it back and forth quickly.
Describe described -To tell about.
Flag flagged -To wave down.
Wag wagged -To wave back and forth.
Change changed -To make or become different.
Manage managed -To direct.
Arrange arranged-To make plans for.
Copy copied -To make a photocopy.
Bury buried -To place in the ground.
Carry carried -To bring something from a place to another with your hands.
Tie tied -To fasten together.
Cry cried -To weep.
Try tried -To attempt.
Fry fried -To cook in boiling oil.
Classify classified -To divide into certain order or type ..
Satisfy satisfied -To makecontent.
Identify identified -To establish the identity of.
Smile smiled -To grin. To show happiness with a facial expression.
File filed -To arrange in order.
Pile piled -To stack up.
Mail mailed -To send a letter or message.
Sail sailed -To travel on water by sailboat.
Nail nailed -To fasten with a nail.
Roll rolled -To turn over and over.
Bowl bowled -To practicethe sport bowling.
Pull pulled -To cause motion toward yourself.
Call called -To telephone.
Travel traveled -To make a trip.
Bill billed -The receipt of an item or service cost.
Thrill thrilled -To be very happy.
Kill killed -To murder, to put to death.
Mingle mingled -To come in contact with other people.
Handle handled -To manage.
Name named -To give a name.
Climbclimbed -To go up.
Rain rained -Water falling to earth in drops.
Train trained -To teach.
Complain complained -To express discontent.
Explain explained -To make understandable.
Drown drowned -To sink.
Plan planned - To decide in detail what you are going to do and how.
Phone phoned -To call by telephone.
Open opened -To be in a state that permits access.
Imagineimagined -To think about something and create a picture of it in the mind.
Listen listened -To give one´s attention to a sound or a person talking.
Happen happened -To occur.
Learn learned -To get knowledge or skill in something.
Bore bored -To be uninterested.
Score scored -To make points in a game.
Number numbered -To include as one of a group, class or category using numbers.
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