Prostitucion en irak

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Prostitution in Iraq

To start we must first know the origins of this. 
This phenomenon is known from historical records exist and has been 
evolve with different social forms, although this activity has been stigmatized with the passage of time. 
The term comes from the Latin term prostitution, prostituere that 
means "display for sale", the meaning of a bitch comes from the verb 
Latinputare, THINK, said to the Roman conquest of the progressive 
ancient Greek areas increase the number of slaves and the slaves 
people. To see the Roman women, most used as 
prostitutes, wasfamiliar with the science and policy, described as 
thinkers, or Latin whore, which ended with a meaning has become 
vulgar and something unknown, our meaning, for these communities 
In Iraq,this practice was something that was not seen often, but since 
began the U.S. invasion of these lands this activity has returned to 
gain strength. 
Since the arrival of U.S. troops, many peoplehave 
been forced to flee their homes and use other forms of 
income, therefore most prostitutes are victims displaced 
This activity is illegal in this country, but for Western contractors not, why they are the main "clients" for their high salaries 
and "immunity." For this reason, families have chosen not to let out 
her children alone as they may be victims of malicious persons are responsible for these young fool to practice these sexual acts 
But the main victims of these acts are children under age 
that being, mostly orphans begging in the streets insearch of 
food and unscrupulous people take advantage of this situation 
"Hooked" and forced to perform sexual acts with older people, 
exchange for a paltry coins. 
It has reached a point wherethe military, through the internet, 
contacting these services illegally using public toilets as 
meeting areas to practice these acts and the high command are made 
blind eye, they say "do not...
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