Prostitution essay

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According to the dictionary, prostitution is “the act of practice providing sexual services to another person in return for payment”.
"All my lifeall I ever wanted to be was shiny," said Brenda Myers-Powell, a 49-year-old African-American who remembers being a child looking out her grandmother's window at the hookers on the street below andsaying, "I'll probably do that."
For Brenda, raised by an alcoholic grandmother and molested as a child by a beloved uncle, prostitution began the Easter weekend when she was 16, with two babies and nomoney in the house.
There are different kinds of prostitutes, of stories about prostitutes; they are all over the world, destroying their lives for money, it doesn’t matter the prostitutes that onlyhave sex with rich men in the end they are doing the same as street prostitutes.
Prostitution in my opinion is not a “job”, it is just easy money. Even though I understand that there are a lot ofpeople that have miserable lives and they don’t see another way to survive than selling their body’s for money.
There are also young girls that don’t care about what is going to happen with theirlives if they start to do easy money, exposing their health and their emotions. Young prostitutes don’t think consciously of how does the job of selling their body’s is going to impact in their lives.When a young girl is forced to do this kind of job, she might get a feeling of destroying herself or her family or the society in general and it could take a long time to heal her emotional wounds.
Butthis problem is not going to get over until there would be people that still par for having sex with young girls, Men wake up! It is unbelievable that there are so many sick people that abuse younggirls, and make them do despicable things that of course they don’t want.
It is such a shame to see young girls forced to participate in those kind of acts.
In some places as many people know,...
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