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Lecture Times and Venue
Lectures: Thursdays 14:00-16:00
Room 108 Brodie Tower

Seminars: fortnightly 16:00-17:00
in the same venue from week 3 onwards
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Topic 1: The Solow Growth Model
Romer: "Advanced Macroeconomics" MacGraw Hill, Ch1
Jones: "Introduction to Economic Growth" WWNorton, Chs 1 and 2

Topic 2: Further Growth Models
Gandolfo, Giancarlo "International Finance and Open Economy Macro-economics", Springer Verlag, Berlin, Ch 14 on the Beckerman andLamfalussy models.
Romer Ch1 and Jones Ch3 on the human capital augmented Solow model. On this topic also consider: Mankiw, Romer and Weil (1992) "A contribution to the empirics of economic growth" TheQuarterly Journal of Economics Vol.107, No.2, pp.407-437
On the Thrilwall model: McCombie, J.S.L. and Thirlwall, A.P. (1994) “Economic Growth and the Balance-of-Payments Constraint” Macmillan,London
On the Prebisch Singer hypothesis and immiserising growth: Singer, Hw (1950) "The distribution of gains between investing and borrowing countries" The American Economic Review Vol.40,No.2, pp.473-485

Topic 3: The Balance of Payments
Pilbeam, Keith (1998) "International Finance" Macmillan, Chs 1 and 2.
Gandolfo addresses material covered in this lecture inChapters 2-6, although he obviously goes much further than the lecture. On the Marshal Lerner Condition, read Section 7.2 and Appendix C1.1.

Topic 4: The Monetary Approach to the Balance ofPayments
Pilbeam, Chs.5-7
Dornbusch, Rüdiger (1973) "Devaluation, Money and Non-traded Goods" The American Economic Review Vol.63, No.5, pp.871-880

Topic 5: The Mundell Fleming Modeland the Keynesian Approach to the Balance of Payments
Gandolfo Chs. 10 and 11
Pilbeam Ch4
Manfred Gärtner (2003) "Macroeconomics" Prentice Hall, ISBN0-273-65163-3, Chs 4 and 5...
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