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Functionalism- An early psychological approach that emphasized the function or purpose of behavior and consciousness.
Biological Perspective- emphasized bodily events and changes associated with action, feelings and thoughts
Evolutionary Psychology- Field in psychology emphasizing evolutionary mechanisms that may help explain human commonalities in cognition development emotionsocial practices and other areas or behavior
Learning Perspective- emphasizes how the environment and experience affect a persons or animal action includes behaviorism and social cognitive learning theories.
Cognitive Perspective- emphasizes mental processes in perception memory language, problem solving, and other areas of behavior
Sociocultural Perspective- emphasizes social and culturalinfluences on behavior
Psychodynamic perspective-unconscious dynamics within the individual such as inner forces, conflicts or movement of instinctual energy
Humanist Psychology emphasizes free will, personal growth, resilience, and the achievement of human potential.

Basic psychology the study of psychological issues in order to seek knowledge for its own sake rather than its practicalapplication
Applied psychology the study of psychological issues that have direct practical significance also the application of psychological findings.

Psychotherapist is simply anyone who does any kind of psychotherapy
Psychoanalyst person who practices one particular form of therapy get specialized training at psychoanalytic institute and undergo extensive psychoanalysis yourself clinical socialworkers with masters degrees and interested laypeople
Psychiatrist a medical doctor who was done 3 year residency in psychiatry to learn how to diagnose and treat mental disorders.

Representative sample- a group of individuals selected from a population for study, which matches the population on important characteristics such as age and sex.
Case study, a detailed description of a particularindividual being studied or treated
Correlation a measure of how strongly two variables are related to one another
Positive correlation an association between increases in one variable and increases in another or between decreases in one and in another
Negative correlation an association between increases in one variable and decreases in another

Random assignment- a procedure for assigningpeople to experimental control groups in witch each individual has the same probability as any other of being assigned to given group

Placebo an inactive substance or fake treatment used as a control in an experiment or given by a medical practitioner to a patient
Single blind study an experiment in which participants do not know whether they are in an experimental or a control groupExperimenter effects unintended changes in study participants behavior due to cues inadvertently given by the experiments.
Double blind study an experiment in witch neither the people being studied nor the individuals running the study know who is in the control group and who is in the experimental group until the results are told.
Psychobabble How to be happier by media oriented psychology does haveempirical proof

Natural selection the evolutionary process in which individuals with genetically influenced traits that are adaptive in a particular environment tend to survive and to reproduce in greater numbers than do other individuals as a result their traits become more common in the population.
Identical twins monozygotic twins that develop when fertized egg divides into two pairs thatdevelop into separate embryos share all genes
Synapse the site where transmission of a nerve impulse from one nerve cell to another occurs it includes the axon terminal the synaptic deft and receptor sites in membrane of the receiving cell
Neurotransmitter, a chemical substance that is released by a transmitting neuron of the synapsis and that alters the activity of a receiving neuron...
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