Public speaking

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Principles of good speech
Simplicity: a simple speech is easier for listeners to grasp and remember and for speakers to present effectively. You should limit the number of your main ideas,repeat them for emphasis, and keep your wording
direct and to the point.
Parallel construction: occurs when speakers begin related points with
the same or similar wording, can also serve as atransition.
Order: in a speech requires a consistent pattern of development from beginning to end. A well-ordered speech opens by introducing the message and orienting the audience, continues bydeveloping the main ideas in the body of the speech, and ends by summarizing and reflecting upon the meaning of what has been said.
Balance: the major parts of your speech—the introduction, the body,and the conclusion—receive appropriate development.

Composition of Speech:
Introduction: that part of your speech that should capture listeners’ attention
establish your ethos, and previewyour message.
Body: The body of your outline should consist of main points, subpoints, and subsubpoints in the order of their presentation.
Main points: The most prominent ideas of thespeaker’s message.
Subpoints: organize and focus the secondary ideas so that they support the major ideas. They also answer basic questions any critical listener might ask.
Conclusion: It includes asummary statement, which helps your listeners remember your major points in a final overview, and concluding remarks, which integrate your speech into larger patterns of meaning.

Speech designs:Categorical: arranges the main ideas of a speech by natural or customary
Comparative: Explores the similarities or differences among things, events, or ideas.
Spatial: arranges themain points of a speech as they occur in physical space, often taking listeners on an imaginary tour.
Sequential: explains the steps of a process in the order in which they should be taken....
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