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Speaking & Reading

1 Have you ever had a job interview?
If yes, was the experience good of bad?
If not, how do you think you would feel in an interview?
I would feel nervous

2)Connect the verbs and nouns to make expressions related to “how to behave in a job interview”
Establish smartly
Askon timeon time
Fold company literature beforehand
Dress yourself
Arriveeye contact
Introduce a firm handshake
Read lots ofquestions
Have your arms

3) is the advice good or bad? Why?
If your dress too smartly, you could feel uncomfortable…
Bad, because each whodresses up as you feel comfortable

4) Look at the three jobs ads. Then in pairs, discuss the advantages and disadvantage of each job.
The website designer has to know many codes, that’s bad
Makeweb pages is fun and entertaining, that’s good

The gardener job is tired and bored, that’s bad
The gardener job is a well-paid, that’s good

For the model job you have to start workimmediately, that’s bad
But you can travel as model, so that’s good.

5) Find words in the ads that have a similar meaning to these:

Stressunder pressure
Date for delivering workworking hoursCandidateCompetitive


A job application letter

1 these are common expressions when applying for a job. Decide if they are used to open the letter(O), to finish it (F) or to give information in the middle (I).

I am good at…-ing. I
I am look forward to hearing from you soon.F
I am writing in response to your ad…O
I have experience/...
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