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There was once a very pretty girl. His mother made him a red cape and the little girl took her so often that everybody called her Little Red Riding Hood.

    One day, his mother asked him to carrysome cakes to her grandmother who lived across the forest, not amuse recommending the road, cross the forest because it was very dangerous, because there was always lurking wolf.

    Little RedRiding Hood picked up the basket with cakes and set off. The girl had to go through the woods to get to grandmother's house, but he was not afraid because there was always a lot of friends: the birds,the squirrels ...

    Suddenly he saw the wolf, which was huge in front of her.

- Where you going, girl? - The wolf asked in his husky voice.

- A house of my Grandmother-Riding Hood said.

-It is not far-wolf thought to himself, turning away.

    Riding Hood put his basket on the grass and picking flowers entertained: - The wolf is gone, he thought, I have nothing to fear. Grandmawill be very happy when you take a beautiful bouquet of flowers in addition to the cakes.

    Meanwhile, the wolf went to Granny's house, knocked softly on the door opened and the old thinking it wasLittle Red Riding Hood. A hunter who was passing by had seen the arrival of the wolf.

    The wolf devoured Granny and put on the hat of the unfortunate pink, got into bed and closed her eyes. Hedid not have to wait long, as Little Red Riding Hood came right away, all excited.

    She went to bed and saw that his grandmother was very changed.

- Grandma, Grandma, what big eyes you have!- Better to see you, 'said the wolf trying to imitate the voice of grandma.

- Grandma, Grandma, what big ears you have!

- Better to hear you, 'continued the wolf.

- Grandma, Grandma, whatbig teeth you have!

- Son to ... eat mejoooor! - And saying, the evil wolf pounced on and devoured the little girl, as she had done with her grandmother.

    Meanwhile, the hunter had become...
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