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What really is virginity? How come it has to be something so controversial? According to the biology, and any dictionary, virginity is basically nothaving intercourse and in the case of women, an intact hymen. In the case of religion, virginity is a gift that should be kept wrapped up until marriage, notype of sexual interaction is allowed. According to psychology, virginity is a state of mind. So when is it that we lose our virginity? The moment we thinkit? The first time we get felt up? Or maybe the first time you masturbate? How about the first time we have oral sex? Or, is it during intercourse? Hmmm… Doyou know? I believe you lose your virginity the moment you think you did. It may have everything to do with biology or religion or it may have nothing todo with the same. But that’s not the really controversial part. The real hard part is: Do you have to be in love to lose it? Do you have to be married?Married by the church or is a judge ok? How old do you have to be? Should it be only one person for the rest of your life? How do you know you are ready? Doboth people have to be in love? Do both people have to be virgins? All these questions are very hard to answer, but I will try to answer them with my twocents. First, the love issue. Sex is a simple and complex thing all the same, it depends how you view the situation. The first time should be with someonethat respects you and the fact that you are a virgin, especially if you are a girl. Losing ones virginity can be a great experience or a very traumatic one.
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